Cybersecurity in the private sector – playing catch-up | TheHill

The Hill has an interesting story about how U.S. companies lag in cybersecurity.  From the article, Cybersecurity in the private sector – playing catch-up | TheHill:

“The U.S. private sector may lead the world in many regards, but when it comes to insulating itself from cyber attacks, its performance has been weak.

While guidance for the 16 ‘critical infrastructure’ sectors was met with a positive reaction from industry leaders, the U.S. government mistakenly stopped short of compelling compliance.

The private sector has had ample opportunity to act unilaterally on the issue and the stakes with regards to American security and prosperity are too high to procrastinate. Moreover, while some are investing appropriately in their cyber infrastructure, the mood of the private sector at-large remains one of ambivalence.”

The full article can be found here: Cybersecurity in the private sector – playing catch-up | TheHill: