How To Protect Yourself After the eBay Data Breach

Greg McNeal, a Forbes contributor has the following post:

“With news of the hacking of on-line marketplace eBay, many eBay buyers and sellers are wondering what they can do to protect themselves.  The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has released six steps for protecting yourself:

1.  Change your eBay password.  When you create your new password, mix letters, numbers, and special characters.  Try to be unpredictable – don’t use your name, birthdate, or common words.  And use at least 10 characters.

2.  If you used your eBay ID or password for other accounts, change them, too.  Hackers sometimes try stolen IDs and passwords on different sites to gain control of other accounts.  That’s why it’s a bad idea to recycle the same password.

These first two FTC tips are the recurring ones that experts seem to give after every data breach, yet still consumers seem to ignore them.  It may be that it’s too hard to remember various passwords, or too hard to think of complex passwords that are hard to crack.  That’s why many experts recommend using a password manager.  If you’re unwilling to use a password manager, consider these password tips.

The FTC also recommends the following:”

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